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YBhg Dato' Anwarrudin Ahamad Osman


YBhg Dato' Anwarrudin is our Chairman. He joined the Malaysian Civil Service in 1966 and served in the Ministry of Defence. In May 1975, he joined Petronas and served in various capacities until his retirement in 1998 as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Petronas Dagangan Berhad.

YBhg Dato' Anwarrudin held various Senior positions during his 23 years in Petronas. He was the General Manager of Corporate Planning Division in 1984, General Manager, Human Resources Management Division in 1985 before heading the International Marketing Division of Petronas responsible for sales of crude and products and processing of crude.

He was a member of the Asean Council on Petroleum (ASCOPE) Technical Committee for several years and spoke at ASCOPE oil marketing management seminars and local seminars on prospects and challenges in the marketing and distribution industry. He represented Malaysia in the OPEC/NON-OPEC dialogues from 1989 -1991 and sat on the Petronas Management Committee from 1992 to 1998.

Currently, YBhg Dato' Anwarrudin holds directorships in Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd and KKB Engineering Berhad and in several private companies. He is also Executive Vice-Chairman of Yasmin Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd.

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